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This is about GOD and all the things that he has done for us. God can do the IMPOSSIBLE!!! God have lots of Love and he a caring GOD!!!! God is always there for us so if you let him in your life he will be there for you too!!! You can talk to God about anything he will lesson to you. God has bless me with so much. He give me the most sweetest person that i m in love with and he does a lot for me but we both know that it all comes from GOD!!! His parents are really nice to me and help out when i need it but they also know that EVERYTHING that they do its from God!!!! ( all good things)

Me and the one i love have are up and down but really don’t get into argument or get mad at each other!!! We know that we have God in our life and he keeps us from getting to a big argument and get mad at each other!!! God has work in Our relationship since the day we meets was on Aug 24, 2010 and we are going on our 3 year being together!!! Our love for each other gets Stronger everyday!! ( Thanks to God.)

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Posted December 14, 2011 by amandalovesgod

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  1. Thanks!! and i will keep on it!!! but all this is for GOD!!!

  2. Hey there, friend, fantastic site!

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